Beretta White Onyx 686

  • £1,400.00




Beretta White onyx 686

Action type - Over/Under

Caliber/Gauge - 12 Bore

Barrel Length - 30 inch

Choke - M/C

This shot gun will fit any shooters budget, while offering all the features and benefits that have made this shooting line a legend among shotgun aficionados the world over. The strong, low-profile action is at the heart of this shot gun, while the proportions, balance and handling make it second to none in its ability to do its job-let the shot always follow your eyes in a constant manner. Optimabore/Optimachoke system. The 686 is extremely easy to maintain, since it is constructed of nightly-durable materials designed to last for generations.

Due to current Uk laws you have to be 18 years or older to purchase any firearm. Guns CANNOT be delivered to your home address and must be collected from our store or a 3rd party registered firearms dealer. When collecting your gun please provide a valid form of identification and your firearms certificate. If you require more information or stock availability please call us on 01623 883798.

A 3rd party dealer can charge a small handling fee but this will be discussed when a member of staff calls you to confirm your order.

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